Jenny Salzer was visiting Goodwill in March when she stumbled upon a black cat statue.

It had a few scuffs and scrapes, but it struck an uncanny resemblance to her cat Cosmo.


Salzer purchased the cat statue and erected it on the stairs in front of her home. She had forgotten about the spontaneous buy until one day, while sitting outdoors with Cosmo, he saw it.

The cat was immediately drawn to his odd sibling and began smelling it and rubbing his face on the stone. Cosmo prefers soft objects. “He enjoys playing! He also enjoys cuddling and making biscuits out of anything furry “Salzer said to The Dodo. The statue, on the other hand, appeared to be an exception.


Cosmo has become increasingly connected to the statue in the months since. Salzer will occasionally catch Cosmo putting his paws around the statue in a great embrace and rubbing his face on its face, as if claiming it.

“He always enjoys the statue, but he hadn’t liked it so much before,” Salzer explained.

When the largely inside cat is permitted to spend time in the yard under his mother’s supervision, he likes socializing with his pal. When Cosmo isn’t giving attention to the statue, he appears to enjoy its company: “He sits next to it occasionally,” Salzer said.

Whether or if Cosmo recognizes a little of himself in the statue, Salzer is overjoyed with her purchase, and Cosmo clearly is as well.