While on duty at night, an Indianapolis police officer in Indiana, United States, heard wailing coming from a garbage. Scott Charleswood, a police officer, peered inside and discovered a litter of seven frozen pups that had been put in the garbage.

In order to save them, the police climbed into the trash can. He removed their jacket, wrapped them in it, and made sure they were protected from the bitter cold. Her mother’s whereabouts are unknown, but it is obvious that the unfortunate creatures were abandoned and left to perish.

The puppies are now being cared for in a foster home after Charleswood collaborated with Every Dog Counts Rescue to place them there.

A police officer saved seven pups from freezing to death.
“This weather is hazardous for everyone, but it would have soon turned fatal for these tiny newborns. While plans were being made to find these infants a secure haven so late at night, he lovingly covered them in his jacket to keep them warm.

Despite the puppies’ tender age, they are being bottle-fed.

They were still all cuddled together and secure when he dropped them off at one of our foster homes. They are being fed and warmed. I hope Officer Charleswood is starting to warm up again now.

Officer Charleswood received commendations on Facebook from the police department and the rescue center for his efforts.