Stella has lived with her family since she was a little kitten and has always ruled the home.

Stella’s mother, Kelsey Mansingh, told, “She is really spoilt, as if you couldn’t tell,” We sometimes jokingly say that she is ‘obsessed’ with us since she follows us around everywhere, welcomes us at the door when we get home, lies down for belly massages, and wakes us up in the morning by meowing and walking all over us. She is very lively and lovely. She is, in our opinion, more like a dog than a cat.

Stella’s parents are very into DIY projects and love posting their creations for their followers online. One day, they decided to take on a very special project: building Stella her very own room.

“We had a closet that wasn’t being utilized under our stairs, and I wanted a space to put her litter box, food and bed so it was out of the way and not visible when guests came over,” Mansingh said. “So I thought the closet was perfect, it was spacious enough to fit everything and tucked away. Also, she’s our fur child — she deserved her own little room!”

Excited to give Stella her very own space, the couple quickly got to work on the room. Since the space was already empty and just needed a little TLC, the project only took a couple of days to complete.

Mansingh claimed, “All I did was slap some shiplap on the walls, paint them, add some amusing wallpaper, and fill the space with her belongings. She doesn’t have a lot of decor preferences. One of the simplest DIY projects we’ve ever completed, and it always sparks conversation with guests!

Stella’s parents couldn’t wait to show her the finished room to her. Fortunately, she shared their enthusiasm for it, as they had anticipated she would.

She adored it and recognized right away that it was her room, according to Mansingh. “When she’s enthusiastic, she brushes against us and scratches on her scratching post, and that’s precisely what she did.

She had no issue learning it was her space and she probably brags to all of her cat friends about it.”

Now, Stella spends a ton of time in her little space. She still loves to follow her parents everywhere, so if they go upstairs away from her room, so does she. When they’re downstairs or out somewhere, though, she’s cozied up in her room, sleeping or eating or just playing the day away. Most of her stuff is in the surprisingly spacious room, and Stella definitely seems to love having a space that’s all her own.

Some people have been a little bothered when they saw that her litter box and her food are both in the space, as it can be better to keep them separate, but that’s always been the way Stella likes it. Her water bowl is in a different space because she won’t drink if her water is near her food for some reason. Stella knows what she likes, and isn’t afraid to make her voice heard.

Cats are finicky, so if she didn’t like it, we would know, Mansingh added, “I know she can’t tell us.”

Stella’s parents believed she deserved a room to herself because they like her so much, and the slightly spoilt cat is so appreciative and loves her folks just as much in return.